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It’s getting hot in here!

It is getting hot out! We are not quite into the heat of summer season, but as always, plan ahead and you will be better equipped when the heat and sun is at its peak. Some things to consider as the days get hotter and longer: Move and rest accordingly…

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Superfood – Cordcyeps

You may have be familiar with medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga, but have you heard of cordycep mushrooms? Cordyceps aren’t technically the same as most other medicinal mushrooms and are instead classified as a powerful form of fungus. Cordyceps sinensis, also known as Dong Chong Xia Cao, is one…

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Ear acupuncture

The ear holds a micro-system of the body, the auricular acupuncture map on the ear is in form of an inverted fetus with all the fine details of the anatomical, physiological, and emotional body represented.       Auricular acupuncture has many benefits, of which accessibility may be most prominent; it is also simple,…

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