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Food is medicine part 9

You may know dandelion as the pesky little weed that shows up when you forget to mow your lawn. It is unfortunate that we try to rid the world of these yellow flowers with harsh pesticides, as dandelions are actually very nutrient dense and the whole plant is edible and…

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Food is medicine part 8

Raise your hand if you like garlic? You can’t see me from where you are sitting reading this, but I am over here frantically waving my hands around! We all know garlic is delicious right? But do you also know that is has many health benefits as well? In Chinese…

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Food is medicine part 7

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I do have a strong affinity to chocolate. Due to the fact I have a hard time resisting devouring a few too many pieces of chocolate after dinner I have been on the hunt for better options. Which brings me to…

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