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A herb you should know : He Shou Wu

A herb you should know : He Shou Wu
He shou wu is a common herb used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. I have seen it popping up more often in main stream use as a dietary supplement. I recently ordered a bottle of these tablets for myself and want to share a few benefits of this particular herb.


He shou wu can be literally translated as “black-haired man”. As you can imagine this is one of the main functions of this herb. He shou wu is a tonifying herb (a tonic) which by association, tonifies the organ systems that help nourish your hair. It can be used for those worried about hair thinning, hair loss, or greying hair. Also, in effect, he shou wu tonifies the blood and enhances sexual function.

It is can be used to help unblock the bowels and promote movement for some individuals.

It is considered an adaptogenic herb, which means it helps lower stress levels, reduces anxiety, promotes red blood cells and enhances immune function.

As always, you should check in with a trained professional for specific use!

I use herbal medicine in my private practice, if you would like to learn more about this and other herbs book here.

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