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About Stefanie

A few of my special interests:

My small dog – Kazuri


Hiking & Camping

Connecting with nature

Making tinctures and salves


I have been in pain and discomfort, and I know how scary and uncomfortable it can be.

For years I struggled with my digestion and was taking pills daily trying to quell my symptoms. My doctor could not find anything “wrong” with me and I was left feeling alone and scared, unsure of where to turn for help.
I have experienced recurring chronic sinusitis and was no longer satisfied with the allergy medication and steroid nasal spray I was continually being offered by my doctor.

I was prone to migraine headaches ( the occular ones with visual disturbances – fun!) and had no idea why or how these debiltating bouts of pain would come on.

Because of all these things, I was tired all the time. Pain is exhausting and feeling sick is exhausting.

I was looking for a solution to my problems.

As a last resort I found acupuncture and with the help of my Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was able to rid my body of symptoms conventional medicine had deemed impossible to cure.

I found a practitioner who explained what was happening in my body, why it was happening, what she was going to do, and most importantly what I needed to do.

Regular acupuncture visits in conjunction with herbal formulas were my saving grace. It was after my own personal journey that I decided to study Chinese medicine in hopes to learn more about my own wellness path and help others along the way. I completed the 5 year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma, which is the highest level of training offered in Canada.

I knew that if there were solutions for me, there are solutions for other people, and I wanted to be able to offer those in need a solution for their problems.

If you suffer from digestive problems, allergies, headaches or pain, let me help you!

It is a pleasure to help guide people on their journey to health using the miraculous wisdom of ancient medicine.

Why work with me?

When choosing to work with me, you have made a commitment to your own health and well-being.

You and I will work together to make diet and lifestyle changes where necessary. I will use acupuncture and herbs to help restore balance and health in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

You can expect a detailed treatment plan as well as email follow ups and support as often as needed.


Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma 

Registered Acupuncturist

Registered Herbalist

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach

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