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My Story

I had been healthy and active my entire life, so when I started to get sick, it took me by surprise. In my late teens everything started to shift. I had symptoms I was scared to talk about, shame for my body, I was embarrassed and I didn’t know where to turn to for help. No one else seemed to be going through what I was and I felt very isolated and alone.

Over the course of a few years, I visited my doctors office many time, was sent for all sorts of testing, which always came back inconclusive. With nothing tangible wrong with me, there was nothing they could do. My prognosis was living in discomfort and shame for the rest of my life. I was 21. I felt defeated and hopeless and had lost faith in the conventional medicine that, seemingly, had helped me up until this point.

I knew, deep down, that there was something happening in my body, some pattern of disharmony that was making my life miserable. I also knew that there had to be another way.


Never having tried any alternative modalities, I’ve never really known why acupuncture peaked my interest. No one I knew had even tried it, let alone had success with it.

Acupuncture came out of left field, planted itself in my periphery, and then completely swept my beliefs about health out from underneath my feet.

At my first appointment, I remember thinking why does it matter if I feel cold all the time or what colour my stool is? No one had asked me these questions before and it didn’t seem relevant.

However, what I can to realise was, that it was all relevant. From how and where I sweat, to the aches and pains in my body, to my mental clarity and my mood, it was all oh so relevant. This was the missing link.

I was looking at each symptom as an individual problem that needed to be addressed and missing the bigger picture. It is all related.

This was the moment of pivotal shift for me. Of course I have digestive issues and am anxious all the time, no wonder I have headaches and migraines and feel depressed.

There is no thing in my body that is unrelated or doesn’t have an effect on something else. Considering all aspects of the human body and experience, looking at myself as a whole, that was where the change happened.

With the guidance of my acupuncturist, who was also my herbalist, and my own dedication to my wellness journey, the discomfort and shame in my body slowly started to subside.

What I had been told was “just the way it was from now on” was no longer. What had been “we can’t find anything wrong with you” was now “these are the patterns in your body that are not functioning optimally and need to be addressed”.

My health went from my doctor giving up on me, to the awakening, support, and empowerment from my holistic health care provider.

And now, that is exactly what I am here to share with you. A safe, supported, nurturing and empowering journey to your very own optimal health.

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