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Selfish Santa Christmas.

Can you believe that we are half way through November? That means Christmas is only 6 weeks away. As festive and lovely as this time of year can be, it can also be full of stress, at work to end off the year, and socially with all the commitments we…

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Seasonal Allergies

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Allergies are an overreaction by the body's immune system to a certain substance. The body's immune system misidentifies a normally harmless substance as a threat to the body. An anti-inflammatory reaction takes place in an attempt to eject the substance from the system. The…

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3 tips for a springtime cleanse

To cleanse or not to cleanse seems to be the question come spring time in my clinic. We know that some detoxing or cleansing methods can be great after a weekend away with the girls or when you have started to feel a little stagnated and backed up. Most often,…

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