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Herbal Medicine During Cold & Flu Season

Back to school season has arrived, and likely along with it, the influx of cold and flu germs Herbal medicine is an extremely effective way to help boost your body’s immune system and also help rid the body of pathogenic illness, if and when it does arrive. Most of us…

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Am I the right acupuncturist for you?

We are so glad you are here! By landing on this page you have taken the first steps on your wellness journey and we are honor to be a part of it. When you are looking for the ‘right’ acupuncturist, there are many things to take into consideration: Is this…

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Chinese New Year

As many of you know Chinese New Year is right around the corner, we are transitioning out of the year of the rooster in the year of the dog. Unlike our western New Year, which always falls on December 31st - Jan 1st, Chinese New Year is a movable celebration,…

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