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Food is medicine part 7

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I do have a strong affinity to chocolate. Due to the fact I have a hard time resisting devouring a few too many pieces of chocolate after dinner I have been on the hunt for better options. Which brings me to…

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Food is medicine part 6

Ever wonder why a restaurant will often give you a mint at the end of your meal? It is because mint stimulates digestion and helps relieve nausea and that overfull feeling. The type of mint I want to share with you today is peppermint.  This is the type of mint…

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Food is medicine part 5

You are likely familiar with licorice, but perhaps not the kind I want to share with you today. Maybe you have had the red twizzlers candy or black jellybeans that taste like “black licorice”. Fun Fact : that black licorice flavor is actually extracted from the anise plant and not the…

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