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Food is medicine part 4

Have you ever suffered from motion sickness and nausea while travelling, only to down some Gravol and immediately feel extremely drowsy? That used to be what I turned to on early morning road trips or long overnight flights, but I could never get used to the groggy feeling that lingered.…

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Food is medicine part 3

Are you familiar with the spice cinnamon? You have most likely enjoyed a cinnamon bun, apple pie or chai tea; all of these have a strong cinnamon flavor, but did you also know it is used as a medicinal herb? Cinnamon is a common house hold spice, often used in…

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Food is medicine part 2

What is all this hype about turmeric? Well, let me tell you a little bit about it and maybe you will get hyped up too!       Turmeric is an herb that is widely used across eastern and western herbal medicine. This root originates from Southeast Asia but grows in…

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