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A few notes from my lovely clients:

I was referred to Stefanie by my massage therapist. I had complained about my “chronic rhinitis” and the steroidal nose spray that the allergist had prescribed that was giving me some very uncomfortable side effects. I casually said, “I wonder if acupuncture might help me”. She said she would ask Stefanie and get back to me.

When I first met with Stefanie she asked many questions about my symptoms as well as my general health and she listened to what I was answering. To be honest, I believe my symptoms are not “normal” and I have had more than one medical professional give me a questioning look when I tell them what I’m experiencing. From the first few minutes, I felt that Stefanie was different and really wanted to help me.

Although I’m a “needle phobe”, I have to say that most of the time I barely feel the needles being inserted. I have now had 4 treatments and I’m on the second type of herbal medicine. The results have been fantastic and have been noticeable to my husband and friends. I have personally referred her to several of my friends for an array of medical issues.

I am happy to be able to write this testimonial for Stefanie and highly recommend her services.

Stefanie is incredible at what she does!
I’ve been going to her for over a year and I must say, I was really nervous my first visit but she made me feel comfortable and at ease. Throughout my sessions she has always went above and beyond to support my needs, whether it was a gentle massage when I felt anxious, essential oils or special TCM herbs when I was getting a cold. I actually enjoyed my sessions so much that I ended up collaborating with Stefanie and offering yoga + acupuncture events to my clients too so that everyone could benefit. If you are hesitant about acupuncture but want to try it, then I highly recommend Stefanie – you’ll be completely looked after and leave in a blissful state.

I have been a client of Stefanie’s for over two years. Stefanie has a wonderful approach to helping her clients achieve their goals through TCM. I appreciate her suggestions and I like that she does not pressure me into making drastic changes to my lifestyle and instead encourages manageable goals.  She has helped me cope while dealing with difficult emotional situations, stress, digestive health, allergies, insomnia, tendinitis, muscle and back pain. I have noticed a big improvement overall to when I first started seeing her. She has a wonderful spirit about her and I am happy to be a client of hers.

I have really appreciated Stefanie’s thoughtful care and attention in every session I’ve had with her.  She is always mindful of my fear of needles and checks in as she goes.  She answers all my questions, gives me great information, and best of all, I have noticed a huge improvement since she’s worked on my back and hip pain. 

Thank you, Stefanie!

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Stefanie since May 2016. Before Acupuncture, I have tried massage therapy, and chiro, and physio. But still did not feel any relief. I have suffered low to mid back pain, dis and neck issues, and arthritis. Nothing seemed to help until I tried acupuncture!

Honestly, this treatment has really helped my daily life! I am no longer in as much pain it has helped my inflammation, back pain, headaches, and aided in my sleep. Stefanie’s approach is always warm and welcoming I highly recommend you try acupuncture and see Stefanie

I have been going to see Stefanie for about six months now and I am very happy with her services.

She is friendly, attentive, and makes me feel at ease. She asks relevant questions about my health and provides a comfortable atmosphere for my treatment. Stefanie also provides good advice on supplements to aid with the healing process, which was very helpful as I bruise easily!

Her care has helped correct my sore back and allergies, and I would recommend Stefanie to anyone looking for a registered acupuncturist

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