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The Whole30

The Whole30
If you have worked with me or have been following my journey, you may know that my own wellness journey started with digestive struggles.

Over 10 years ago I began travelling extensively and was put on anti-malarial medication for quite some time. The medication I was given was a low dose antibiotic.

As you can probably imagine, long term use of these antibiotics slowly but surely wreaked havoc on my digestive system. It was through working with my own acupuncturist and herbalist that I was really able to turn things around and started to believe I didn’t have to suffer all the time.

Over the course of the last decade I have done many things to help with this issue. I used acupuncture and herbs, I talked to a counsellor (the mind gut connection is a wildly fascinating topic), I see a naturopath, get craniosacral, massage, and chiropractic adjustments. I have used my own knowledge as a student of Chinese medicine and now a practitioner to experiment with my diet and make shifts according to the symptoms my body was presenting.

I still consider myself a student in this medicine (there is so much information) and am still navigating through my own wellness path. It is never a linear, uphill journey, which I remind myself as often as I remind my clients.

As part of continuing on the learning journey I will be starting The Whole30 on August 10th.

 Experimenting with what is working and what is not working, both in life and diet is necessary for growth, expansion, and healing. 

The Whole30 is a diet reset. Not a weight loss diet, not a quick fix, but a sort of elimination plan to find out if any of the foods I am eating are causing me symptoms I may not be aware of.

Here is a quick break down.

What is allowed while completing The Whole30:

Protein – meat, seafood eggs

Vegetables – lots and lots of vegetables

Some fruit


Natural fats


What to avoid during this process:

Sugar – maple syrup, honey, agave, artifical sweeteners





For my own journey I am adding added salt to this list.

How I am preparing for this adventure:

Reading the book-The Whole30

Observing over the next week, prior to diving in, what my patterns are and where I may struggle

Looking over recipes and meal planning

Cleaning out pantry of anything that is not on the list

I will be observing myself  mentally, emotionally, and physically over the next few weeks.

If anyone feels called to join, accountability buddies are enthusiastically welcomed. Connect with me here!

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