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What to Expect

At Ritual Medicine Acupuncture healing is the ultimate priority, it takes both you, the client, and the practitioner to get the best results. That means, it is your responsibility to take your own health into your hands.  Are you ready?  If you nod your head yes to the majority of these statements, then you’ve found the right Acupuncturist in Victoria…

  • Your health is one of your top 3 priorities.

  • You are seeking a private, quiet, welcoming retreat to decompress and recharge with each acupuncture session.

  • You are eager to learn and implement new ways to help support your health.

  • You are willing and able to invest a minimum of 60 minutes per week to acupuncture therapy. 

  • You are open to dietary and lifestyle modifications and herbal therapy.

  • You believe that stress, modern-day living, or past or present trauma could be related to your current state of health.
  • You are seeking long-term holistic wellness for mental, emotional, and physical health rather than looking for a quick fix or magic bullet.

  • You feel stuck, stagnant, or paralyzed in your life, and are searching for a means to move forward, gain momentum, and reignite your creative spark.

  • You believe that treating symptoms is only a “band aid” approach and is ineffective at attaining wellness.

  • You are open to address past and current emotional situations or trauma which could be impacting your health.
  • You are willing to address possible addictions (self-medicating, overeating, overworking, alcohol, etc.) that could be affecting your health.

  • You are seeking an Acupuncturist who focused on digestive health and women’s health. Your available times for treatment are compatible with Ritual Medicine Acupuncture’s office hours.

Does Ritual Medicine Acupuncture sound like a good fit for you?  If so, schedule today, and I look forward to joining you on your journey towards better health and happiness

Acupuncture appointments are done in person at 1608 Camosun street.

Your treatment session may also include herbal medicine, cupping, diet therapy, moxabustion and lifestyle advice.

Initial sessions are 80 minutes, follow up appointments are 50 minutes. After the initial visit, I will recommend an appropriate schedule for subsequent visits depending on the nature of your health concern.

Understanding Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture is a cumulative medicine. That means, initially, results are best seen with frequent treatments.

Depending on your condition, you will be asked to commit to 1-2 treatments per week for 1-3 weeks.

Now this may seem like a lot, but this is how you will get the most out of your acupuncture treatments, your time and your monetary investment

From your very first visit, our goal is to have you feeling better and keep feeling better. It is not possible to have acupuncture treatments too close together, however it is possible to have treatments too far apart.

If we wait too long between treatments and your symptoms come back, we have to start from scratch with each treatment. If we schedule your sessions appropriately you can expect to have continuous and gradual improvements.

Treatment Frequency

The quantity or frequency of treatments is based on severity and duration of your condition.

Mild conditions 3-6 treatments (1 treatment per week)
Moderate conditions 6-12 treatments (1-2 treatments per week)
Severe conditions 12-24 treatments (2 treatments per week)
Acute (short-term) conditions 3-12 treatments (1-2 treatments per week)
Chronic (long-term) 12-24 treatments (1 treatment per week)

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